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Blue Skies Every Day!

No sun? No problem! On cloudy/rainy days, we photoshop blue skies into every single exterior photo for FREE.  We're happy to shoot in the rain, (It was literally raining in both of the shots to the left) but we can't photoshop wet patios and driveways, so if you want it to be dry, feel free to call and reschedule – there’s no charge.)


Free Brochure Template

All of our customers get this free point and click template for Adobe Reader. (Free Software available here):

Just click the pictures and text and replace them with your own! Use both the front and back, or just the back as a single page flyer.

Print your own brochures or just email it to a print shop. (Currently requires PC - we're working on Mac support)


  • Homes under 2500 sq feet: $300
  • Homes 2500-5000 sq feet: $350
  • Homes 5000-10,000 sq feet: $400

Most shoots take 1-3 hours. I can meet the Realtor, the owner, or go in on lockbox. I shoot all the pictures you need (typically 30-100). Pics are delivered within 24 hours via online gallery where you can download multiple resolutions.

I serve the Columbus, Ohio area (10 mile radius around 270).  I do not travel outside Columbus.

*I operate by the “be cool” philosophy: No charges for cancellations,  no late fees, and no restrictions on the use of my photos.

I encourage Realtors/stagers to prep homes prior to my arrival. Here is helpful guide to inspire your clients to get their homes clean and clutter free.


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